Charles P. Allen. Jr., Co-Owner of  Art Has No Boundaries, LLC and Artist

      I was born October 20, 1940 in Trenton, New Jersey and attended Trenton Catholic Boys’ High, Rider College; and, obtained a law degree from Seton Hall University School of Law.  I was admitted to the bar in 1969 and have been engaged in private practice since.  I have represented the Ewing Township Mayor and Governing Body as Township Attorney and as prosecutor and counsel to several municipal boards.   

     I began drawing with pen and pencil in my early teens; and, moved to water color.  I am presently using an innovative multi media technique in an effort to demonstrate motion through line and color.  I produce sports scenes, athletes in action; singers and dancers; and, other subjects in movement.  With these thoughts in mind, I visualize that the athlete, the sporting event, the concert, the race, and so on, continues on, off the paper and outside the bounds of the medium.  I think then, that Art has no boundaries.  So, I ask that all my art be framed in white so that the subjects may continue on in time and space as their abilities and determination know no boundaries.

     I am presently showing art along the Jersey shore and have shown in Lambertville, New Hope, Peddlers Village and Ewing Township.  I am a principal in Art Has No Boundaries, LLC, an organization devoted to making art fun and promoting the work of our many local artists, in all mediums, including photography.