Art Has No Boundaries website is under construction.  You will still be able to visit and view the site, but changes are being made.  Along with, we will also be found at and  Exciting changes.....are coming.

Take a look at our gallery and browse our card art. If you see something you love, visit our shop where you can purchase those special cards.  Each card is a copy of an original 11x17 painting reduced to card size. Cost is $6.00 per card.

If you love an art piece, you can purchase both 11x17 and a card.  Keep the 11x17 for yourself and send the card to a friend or realtive.  They can be framed and given as gifts too.  Please visit our gallery for a wide assortment of paintings. Cost for 11x17 is $30.00.

Cards are conveniently available in packs of four.  You choose your favorites.  Cost is $18.00 per pack.